Tuesday, January 15, 2013

20 Free Organizing Solutions

At the beginning of a new year one of the things at the top many people's list is to get organized.  But after the spending of the holidays and with these tough economic times it can be hard to afford all those fancy organizing systems.

Here are 20 free (or almost free) organizing systems that you can use to help you get your home more organized.

1. Use egg cartons to hold fragile Christmas ornaments.

2. Use empty Altoid tins to help organize a junk drawer.

3. Soda can tabs can double you hanging space in the closet.

4.  Place an old tennis ball over a hook in the closet to keep shirts and sweaters from getting hook marks.

5. Turn an old wipes box into a car emergency kit.

6.  Cover an empty soda can box to organize bags in the kitchen.

7.  Old lotion bottle as a charging station.

8.  Use old CD cases to store cables.

9.  Use a cereal box and toilet paper roll as a mini homework centre.

10.  Stick magnets to the back of a cereal box and place on the fridge to hold menus or mail.

Source - Pinterest

11.  Cover a plain box with pretty duct tape for nicer looking storage.

12.  Use old cereal boxes as drawer divider.

13.  Turn a shoe box into a charging station.

14.  Use a Command hook and a paper shopping bag with handles to keep garbage contained in the car.

15.  Another use for an empty cereal box is to use it as a mail centre.

16.  Save space in your purse by punching a hole through gift and store rebate cards and adding them to a key ring or binder ring.

17.  Use an old VHS cover as a picture frame with hidden storage.

18.  Use old shoe boxes as drawer dividers.

19.  Cover tin cans with fabric and attach them to the inside of the bathroom vanity to hold brushes or your curling iron.

20.  I love stair baskets to place items in while they wait to be taken up or down the stairs.  Click on the link for instructions on how to make one out of a cardboard box.

One of the first rules of getting organized is to "shop from home".  Take a look around you to see if you can re-purpose something in your home.

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