Friday, March 15, 2013

31 Day Organizational Challenge - Update 2

For those of you who don't know, I signed up for the 31 Day Organizational Challenge with Organizing Junkie.  I chose my furnace room.  In my first post I bravely showed by before photos.  I also showed some great before and after photos in my first update.

Here is the before photo for the back half of the furnace room.

Now for the after!

I'm still not finished but I did find the floor!

A lot of stuff left this area including this pile of garbage.

Mr. P and I started to put things back on the shelf that we cleared last week.  I have an area for "travel items".

I purged 5 suitcases along with a few carry ons and condensed everything else down into 3 suitcases.

The shelf above that holds household items.

There's a sink on the shelf that will be used in our bathroom renovation along with some extra wallpaper, some old door knobs (always handy when you live in a home that's over 110 years old) and a small air conditioner that is used in my youngest son's room in the summer.

I have a pile of containers sitting on the back shelf that were emptied during the purge.

As I start to organize what is left over I will "shop" from here first when trying to find containers to hold things.  Anything that is not used will head out to the garage to be used for a big purge and renovation project out there this summer.

Now that the majority of purging is done (I still have to go through the shelves on the left hand side of the room) it's time to start implementing some organizing systems so that it does not revert back to being the disaster area that it was.  I'm looking forward to this part!  My label maker is fired up!


  1. oooh label maker time! That is great progress! Congrats.

  2. wow! you've been hard at work! Keep it up, you'll have that whole space organized in no time. I like seeing those containers piled and ready!

  3. Look at all that floor space!