Thursday, May 24, 2012

Boiling a Frog

I assume that most of you have heard the anecdote of the frog that, when put into boiling water, will jump out immediately, but when put into cool water that is heated slowly, it will cook to death because the changes in the water temperature are so gradual that the frog does not perceive the danger.

I want you to think of yourself as the frog and your home as the pot of water.  Clutter seems to make its way slowly into our homes.  It took a long time for our homes to get messy and often times it was so gradual that it seems as if we wake up one day and our homes are a disaster area.  For me the waking up process usually involves company!  We don't seem to notice because the changes are so small over time but when we stop and look around we can see that those small changes have added up to huge piles of clutter.

Now I want to tell you the story of another frog.  This frog leaped into a pail of milk.  He could not reach the bottom and had to keep kicking his legs in order to survive.  He could not leap out because he had nothing to spring from and so he kept kicking and kicking, trying not to drown.  Over time all of his kicking began to churn the milk into butter.  With enough kicking he was able to make enough butter that he could leap to safety.

The moral of the my story is that, even though the mess appeared gradually, small steps taken regularly will add up to huge success in the long run.  Even though you may feel like you are just keeping your head above water (or milk in this case), you are doing things that will eventually allow you to leap to a better place.

Keep doing the small things around your home.  It may not feel like much but each of these small things add up to great achievements.  Who knew frogs could have so much relevance in keeping our homes clean and organized?!

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  1. I love this! I was writing a column using the frog and churn story, when it dawned on me there is that other story about not being complacent and accepting the status quo that also involves a frog in the kitchen. I've been looking to see if anybody else had made that connection, and you are the first. I love it that you are talking about de-cluttering, because that is something else I am very interested in.