Monday, May 7, 2012

Organizing DVDs

Today I thought that I would show you how I organized my DVDs.  With two teen aged boys in the house, we have a lot of movies!  Let me show you.

I had two of those plastic, three-drawer storage containers stacked in the closet.  Every single drawer was filled with movies.

They were organized by genre and then put in alphabetical order.  Even these six drawers could not contain all of our movies!

They were stacked on top of the organizing unit.

This is the left cupboard of the entertainment centre.

This is the right side of the entertainment centre.

They were even laying on top of the DVD player!  Like I said, we have a lot of movies!  I'm kind of ashamed to admit it but there are still many more in the eldest P's room.

The majority of them were bought, previously-viewed, at Blockbuster.  We had a trailer that we used to go camping in every weekend.  There was no cable in the trailer so we decided to start buying movies at Blockbuster.  At the time we could then sell them back to Blockbuster (we generally bought them for $5.00 and sold them back for $2.00 which made them cheaper than renting).  Unfortunately, we ran into the problem of nobody agreeing on which ones to take back.  Inevitably someone would want to keep one of the movies chosen to be returned.  So here we are today with well over 200 movies in our collection.

I needed some way to contain them all.  I decided to get rid of all of the plastic cases since they were taking up so much room.  I bought some CD/DVD sleeves and I took all the DVDs out of the cases and inserted them into the sleeves.

I bought coloured sleeves and if I had to do it again, I would have stuck with just white.  My plan was to put each genre into a different coloured sleeve but I quickly discovered that I had more DVDs in each genre than that particular colour so I had to start a second colour.  There were not enough DVDs to to fill the second colour and so I ended up with some left over.

The sleeves came with some cardboard labels that slid into a pocket at the top.

Now all of our movies fit into two cardboard containers that I picked up at an organizing store called Solutions.

The storage containers are now empty.

And so is the entertainment centre.  There are still some home movies that are being stored in the right side along with my entire series of the TV show Dark Shadows.  I once estimated that if I were to watch 2 episodes of Dark Shadows while exercising each day, I could exercise for a year before the series was finished!  There are over 800, 25 minute episodes in there!  Needless to say, I am looking forward to the new Dark Shadows movie coming out this week in theatres.

I got rid of all of the VCR movies since we don't even own a VCR any more.  I ended up with a medium sized box of VCR movies that were donated and even more astonishingly, I ended up with four large garbage bags of DVD cases that were tossed!

I am very please with how it turned out and I did  it all while watching TV!  Is it time to go through your movie collection?  Did your VCR break months ago and yet you still have VCR movies and nothing to play them on (this was me)?  Maybe it's time to let them go or at least try and have them converted to DVD or digital so that you can continue to enjoy them.

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  1. This is what you actually need... if you can afford it. You'd be able to store the whole dvd collection in the attic.
    I'm biased since my "second" son works for them (my son's best friend).