Friday, August 10, 2012

15 Ways To Stay More Organized In The Bathroom

Your bathroom may not be the biggest room in your home but it certainly is one of the more important ones.  In addition to bathing and grooming, sometimes the bathroom is the only room in the house that you can go to for some peace and quiet. 

I've come up with 15 ways to get your bathroom more organized that don't require expensive renovations.  These are simple, in-expensive ideas that will help you make your bathroom feel more like a spa rather than the blender swirl of blow dryers, wet towels, mascara wands and roll-on deodorant that they are.

1. Place a loose elastic or ribbon around each of 4 rolls of toilet paper and place them behind all the other rolls in your bathroom.  You'll be reminded to buy more when you come to one with some extra embellishment (because we all know you, like me, are the only one that actually changes the roll in your home).

2. Place a clock in each bathroom.  This will help keep everyone on time when getting ready in the morning.

3. Put extra trash bags at the bottom of the waste basket to save you a trip to the cupboard to retrieve more when changing the trash.

4. Toss any old makeup, sunscreen or any other lotions that are just taking up room in your cupboards.

5. Stock your medicine kit with cold and flu remedies to save you a trip to the pharmacy when you are feeling sick.

6. Store hair elastics on a shower curtain ring or a carabiner.

8. Place a tall, narrow basket next to the toilet for magazines.

9. Attach a wire basket to the side of your vanity to hold your hair tools.

10. Use a hanging fruit basket on the shower curtain rod to store kids bath toys.

11. Place a second shower curtain rod along the wall at the back of the shower to hang shower poufs, back scrubbers and kids bath toys.

12. Use a wall-mounted wine rack to store rolled up towels to give you more room in the linen closet.

13. Cut down a plastic, over-the-door shoe organizer and hang it on the inside of the vanity door to hold makeup and other lotions.

14. Place a decorative shelf above the bathroom door for more storage.

15. Use decorative shelving brackets as dividers in the linen closet to keep towels in their place.

What do you do to keep your bathroom more organized?


  1. Thanks Sherry, another great post. I really enjoy reading your blog and have "borrowed" a lot of your fantastic ideas to get more and more organised. :)

    I love the 'shelf over bathroom door' idea. What a brilliant idea to save space! Our bathroom is so tiny, so this is going to help.

    Where do you buy a wire basket for drier/straightener, etc.?

    Thanks again and I look forward to reading more :)

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog Lou. The basket for the dryer/straightener is a desktop file box. A metal one was used so that a hot dryer or straightener could go right in after using it without damaging anything. It can be picked up at any office supply store, Walmart or even Target. The one in the photo was bought at Target for $8.00.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Hi Sherry,
    You've done it again!

    I've a couple of things in our little apartment sized bathroom.
    Two clocks - one you can see from the shower, and one you can see from the sink. Looks a little odd, but hey, we're on time...mostly.
    I put two hooks inside my undersink cabinet, on the door, to hang my blow dryer and curler. They store out of sight but can be plugged in quickly from there.
    I had a towel rack made. It is extra long with more hooks than I could ever find on the commercial ones. This saves on having towels flung over the shower rod.

  3. Hi there! I love your ideas! I also have old mixing bowls in my large cabinets to organize... one for bandaging/first aid, one for cold/flu/thermometer stuff and one for extra shampoo/conditoner/soap!

    1. I love that idea. I really like using anything old and repurposing it for something new. I am currently using old Singer sewing machine drawers in my bathroom cupboard.

  4. I found more truly useful hints in your article than in any others I've read, and I've been reading a lot about organizing the bathroom in the past week.

    We have kitchen drawer organizers in the bathroom drawers, you know, caddies that hold forks, spoons, etc. They help. I've been looking for other, different ideas but have yet to find anything different or better.

  5. such great ideas! thanks for the awesome blog.