Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Helpful Laundry Tip!

Not everything that goes through the wash can go directly into the dryer.  However, many of us do not have so many delicates that we can wait until we have a whole load.  This means that we have to remember what is in the wash that needs to be hung and what can go into the dryer.  This becomes even harder if someone else in the family decides to put the load from wash into the dryer.  I know that I have had more that one sweater that has shrunk from this!

So here's a tip that I picked up from Pinterest.  Take a white board marker and write on the washing machine what cannot go into the dryer.

I keep a white board marker and some paper towels next to the washing machine.

Now I don't have to worry.  Not only can I remember what is in the wash but now anybody can do a load of laundry without having to worry that they put some sort of delicate into the dryer.

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