Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Almost Famous Stove!

You know, it's strange but over the years I seem to have acquired a stove collection!  I have the one above which I will be discussing in a moment but I also have this stove.

The stove at the top replaced this stove in our kitchen.  Unfortunately, the oven was too small for my liking so Mr. P. and I decided to move this stove into our laundry room in the basement.  This stove is only used when I have something too big to fit into the stove upstairs.

But these aren't the only stoves I have.  I also have this stove.

This one came with the house.  It was so heavy that the previous owners decided not to move it.  That was OK with me because I love having this stove in the basement.  It is also in the laundry room.  You'll notice that there is a lid over the back left burner.  This is actually a whole pot that sits over a burner that is sunken into the stove so that you can see to stir your soup or whatever you are cooking the the pot.

I love this stove because is has a warming drawer and an oven and both have come in very handy when we host large dinner parties!

Now back to the top stove.  I have wanted a stove just like that since we first moved into our 1902 Victorian home but it was way out of our price range.

This is a reproduction of a late 1800's wood stove and has 6 gas burners on top along with a rather small electric oven.  The drawer under the oven simply holds a few frying pans and the rest is pretty much decorative.

When we bought the stove we had to enlarge the recess in the wall where the old stove sat.  We were extremely lucky that we were able to do so without damaging the wall in the dining room on the other side.  We tiled the wall with a basic subway tile and when we were through we had a mere fraction of an inch in wiggle room to make it fit.

But the real story is how we got this stove.  I had given up finding a stove like this and was trying to find a 1930's stove and we could have restored.  One Saturday morning I decided to type in the words, "old stove" onto Kijiji and see what came up.  A picture of this stove had only been posted a few minutes earlier in Toronto (about a 2 1/2 hours drive from where I live) and for only $800.00.  Let's just say that Mr. P. never dialed a number so fast!  Before we knew it we were on our way to Toronto to pick it up.

When we arrived at the address we found a lovely, run-down Victorian semi that was being completely renovated by a young couple.  It sat on a narrow street in Toronto (one of the most narrow streets I had ever seen!).  We purchased the stove and were loading it in the truck when the man who sold it to us mentioned that it had recently been used in a movie.  In fact, the entire house had been a set for a Sarah Polley movie that had been shot in the summer of 2010; we bought the stove that November.

The movie is called Take This Waltz and stars Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan.  Seth plays a chef in the movie who is writing a cookbook. We were told that when Sarah Polley saw the stove, she insisted that it had to stay.

Check out the trailer above.  This is the same Victorian where we bought the stove and the same kitchen , although the cabinets had been repainted white instead of green.  Hopefully, my stove does not end up on the cutting room floor because it's the closest I'll ever be to being famous!  The movie comes out this Friday so check it out if you have a chance.  Maybe you'll even see my stove!


  1. Maybe we can have a FlyMovie outing.

  2. That's a great story, canadianmom. During the trailer, I grabbed a couple of screen images that show the stove in the kitchen. I don't think I can post them here, but I will email them to you. Unfortunately, they seem to show a more modern stove. Nonetheless, I still like the idea of a FlyMovie outing.

  3. I have an outdated 6 burner, double oven American Crown. I am going to have to replace it soon and nothing short of 6 burners is acceptable! I have three fridges. I don't know how people manage with just one! Guess they don't feed lots of people often.