Monday, September 17, 2012

11 Tips For Parting With Your Clothes

11 Tips For Parting With Your Clothes
1. Apply the one in - one out rule.  Each time you buy something new be sure to choose something else in your closet to get rid of.
2.  If you have an article of clothing that has been waiting to be mended for quite a while, get rid of it.  You've done without it this long.
3.  If you haven't worn something in the past year it is time to let it go.  A year is good because it covers all the seasons.  Try turning your hangers around backwards.  When you wear an item put it back the way you normally would.  This will show you exactly what you have not worn recently.
4.  Don't keep all of your "skinny clothes".  I'm not saying get rid of all of them but, when you do finally get back into shape, styles will have changed and you will want to get new things that make you feel as fabulous as you look.
5.  Don't keep something that annoys you each time you wear it.  Perhaps it rides up in the back or the sleeves are too long.  Get rid of it.
6.  Are you like me and hate to iron?  How many clothes do you have in your ironing pile right now?  How long have they been there?  Maybe it's time to let them go.
7.  Do you have a fabulous shirt but never wear it because you don't have anything to wear it with?  That matching article of clothing is not going to magically appear so perhaps it's time to let it go.
8.  Do you have articles of clothes that you are keeping just for sentimental reasons?  Designate one box for these items (baby clothes, wedding dress, etc.) and only keep what can fit in the box.
9.  Some people begin to feel strong ties to their clothes once they pick them up and hold them.  (Oh look at this, I wore that on our first date!  I can't get rid of that!)  Try sitting in a chair on the other side of the room while someone else holds your clothes up for you to make a decision.  You maintain some detachment from them making letting go easier.
10.  Try everything on!  Don't just hold it up to you and declare that it is too pretty to get rid of.  By trying it on you may remember that you don't wear it because the zipper catches or the sleeves are too short.
11.  Gather all like items together.  You may discover that you have 14 black tee-shirts or 12 pairs of blue jeans.  Choose the ones that look and feel the best on you and let the rest go.


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