Friday, September 21, 2012

Putting a Huge Dent in Your Christmas Grocery Bill

Christmas is expensive!  There are gifts to buy, parties to attend and so much food that there is a reason so many people start a diet at the beginning of the New Year.  We just can't stand the sight of any more food!

And let's face it, in this economy, food is expensive.  All the baking supplies for your Christmas cookies, the turkey, all the sides and, the most expensive of all, all those snacks that we have on hand for parties and "just in case".  For the past few years I have started buying grocery store gift cards each time I go grocery shopping.  I start in September and by the time Christmas rolls around I can usually cover that one large bill just before the holiday starts.  Sometimes I even have enough left over that I can treat my family to an extra-special dinner on New Year's that I might not normally splurge on (lobster!).

Even just a $10 gift card each week from now until Christmas will net you $140 towards that huge holiday shopping bill.  Some weeks I can only manage the $10 card but if I run into a week where I don't need as much in groceries, I will splurge on a $25 card.

While it is much too early to start thinking about what you are going to be making this Christmas, buying the gift cards allows you buy whatever you want when it's time to stock up for the holidays.

(Last holiday tip for a while, I promise!)

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