Friday, September 28, 2012

Easy Halloween Wreath

I wanted to show you the Halloween wreath that I made for my front door.  It looks pretty plain and basic, right?  Well, check it out up close!

And even closer!

I got the idea from a Martha Stewart magazine two years ago, however, she used snakes.  I used to see packages of snakes all the time at the dollar store and ever since I saw her wreath I have not been able to find snakes anywhere.  Last week I was looking for snakes at Walmart when I found packages of spiders.  I figured, why not!  So I bought a cheap $5 grapevine wreath and a couple of packages of spiders.

I had the black spray paint in the basement so I didn't even have to buy that.  Now I want you to know that I am not crafty at all!  I want to be crafty and I admire women who seem to find the time to put together fabulous creations using a little imagination and an incredible amount of talent.  It's not that I can't do some things; I can knit and quilt but I never have the patience to finish a project.  I believe I come by that honestly though.  My mother is still working on that baby sweater for my now 21 year old son.  Maybe someday Mom!

Anyway, I digress.  I hot glued spiders all over the wreath.  I started by placing the big ones and then moved down to the medium ones and filled in all the spaces with the tiny ones.

I then spray painted the whole thing black.

One thing that I noticed when gluing on all the spiders was that I was making a huge mess with all the strings of hot glue.  Then it hit me that they look just like spider webs.  So, after the paint dried, I got out the hot glue gun again and, using a toothpick, I made hot glue spider webs all over the wreath (they were hard to catch in a photograph).

The whole project took very little time and, even better, very little money!

I think it looks lovely hanging on the front door.

Are you crafty?  Have you made any Halloween decorations?

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