Monday, October 1, 2012

20 More Organizing Jobs That Take 5 Minutes Or Less

Last May I did a post called 20 Organizing Jobs That Take 5 Minutes Or Less.  If you missed that one go ahead and check it out.  Now I've come up with 20 more!

These are simple, little things that you can do that take such a short amount of time and yet make you feel as though you've accomplished a lot.  When your to-do list starts to feel overwhelming try doing one or two of these to help make you feel more motivated to continue.

1. Start a donation box or bag.  Pick one spot in the house where you will store the things that you are decluttering from your home until you have an opportunity to drop it off.  If you choose to use a bag, choose a clear one and not a garbage bag otherwise your donations could end up in the trash.
2. Check your spice cupboard for any old herbs and spices that need to be tossed.  One year is the longest that you should keep a spice.  After that it starts to lose flavour.
3. Place a small dish or basket near the back door to hold your keys.  Get into the habit of always placing your key there when you come in the door and you will never lose your keys again!
4. Clear off the coffee table in your living room.
5. Place extra batteries for your TV remote in the same room as your TV. (Why do we press harder on the buttons of the remote when the batteries are dying?)
6. Check the expiration dates on the salad dressings in your fridge.
7. Sew on a missing button.
8. Check to see if you have extra ink for your printer and, if not, add it to your shopping list.
9. Declutter the outside of your fridge.  Here's my post about What's ON Your Refrigerator?
10. Go through one photo folder on your computer and delete any blurry ones or duplicates.
11. Check the expiration dates in your medicine cabinet.
12. Change or empty the vacuum cleaner bag.  Place some baking soda in the new bag to keep it smelling fresh.
13. Place some paper towels and your favourite cleaner under every sink in the house.
14. Place a dish or jar near the washing machine to place change emptied from pockets.
15. Check your first aid kit to see if you need any supplies and add them to your shopping list.
16. If you or someone in your family came down with a cold tomorrow would you have everything you need?  If not, add cold and flu supplies to your shopping list.
17. Remove 3 items from your closet that don't make you feel fabulous.
18. Throw away any old underwear.  You deserve undies with no holes!
19. Make a commitment to finally throw away all those socks with no mates that have been sitting in the bottom of the laundry basket for months (this one is for me).
20. Gather together one sheet set in the linen closet and place it all together inside the matching pillowcase.

Don't try doing all of these things at once.  Just do one or two whenever you feel that you are stuck and not making any headway.  Even marking something small off your list can be very empowering!

Can you come up with any other 5 minute or less organizing ideas?

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