Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby Animal Photos Can Make You More Productive!

Our Petey

I have fantastic news for all my readers!  Did you know that looking at puppy and kitten pictures can actually improve your productivity?!  Researchers at Hiroshima University recently conducted a study in which they showed university students photos of puppies and kittens and then had them perform a task, kind of like the game Operation.  They also had to perform the same task after viewing photos of adult animals and after viewing photos of pleasant food.  By far, the students performed much better after viewing the baby animal photos than any of the other photos.

According to The Washington Post, researchers believe that, because we tend to talk to puppies and kittens in a slower voice, that behavior may transfer to the task being performed. 

"Caring for babies (nurturance) not only involves tender treatments but also requires careful attention to the targets’ physical and mental states as well as vigilance against possible threats to the targets. If viewing cute things makes the viewer more attentive, the performance of a non-motor perceptual task would also be improved."

And since your productivity is so important to me, I spent hours scanning the web and my own archives to bring you plenty more baby animal photos to keep you on track during your busy day.  Enjoy!

Spanky, Rascal, Tiny, Buddy and Petey
Me petting a baby deer this past spring


This post is dedicated to my wonderful Mr. P who rescued five 6-week old kittens this week that were left in a plastic bag in a ditch on the side of the road.  Because of him they are all at our local shelter, warm and dry and with food in their little bellies.  The shelter had refused them at first because they said they were full, but changed their minds when he made a very generous donation for their care.  I am married to a really great guy!

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  1. You DO have a wonderful husband. I get teary every time I think of him saving those poor kittens.

    I really don't understand how anyone can throw out life like that, as if it were trash. That is so sick. Good for Mr. P!

    You have every right to be proud to have such a wonderful man in your life.