Monday, October 15, 2012

Bedroom Makeover Before and After

This is my youngest son J's room.  He gets the privilege of sleeping in the old, maid's quarters (yes, my home came with a maid's quarters and a servant's staircase and yet, sadly no maid).  I wish that I had gotten better before photos of J's room because it was a disaster area.  I honestly thought about calling in the National Guard it was that bad!  Okay, maybe not that bad but still it was bad enough that I didn't want to take any before photos until after J cleaned his room a little.  He decided to it was easier to just empty it while I wasn't looking and so I missed my before shots.

When we first bought this house this was not even a bedroom any more.  We ripped out a wall of cupboards along the wall above, fixed the plaster and then painted over the wallpaper in order to give J a bedroom.  The cupboards were great when the boys were little and they used this room as a playroom but it didn't take long before they were clamouring for their own rooms.

The problem was, the plaster was still weak in spots.

I little bit of horse play and a hole started under the wallpaper that continued to grow.  You can also see in this photo where the old electrical outlet was.  There were 2 of them a good 3 feet up the wall.  It made it very obvious that there were things plugged in.

It's quite a small room.  Apparently, maids did not require a lot of room.  They also did not require heat because there is no vent in this room.  We have central air but it doesn't reach J's room if his door is closed.  Hence, the air conditioner in the window.

J is 18 years old and is studying to become a chef.  J also has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) so I wanted to give him a room that not only felt grown up but was also organized in such a way that it would work with his ADD and not against it.

This is what the room looked like during!  I could not wait for this part to be over!

And now the after!

This photos shows the actual colours the best.

I converted an old dresser that we picked up at an auction sale for $30 into an entertainment centre for him (more on that in my next blog post).  By the way, that is Jax laying on the bed.  He felt the need to get into a lot of the pictures.

There's an nice chair in there now (we bought it off of Kijiji really cheap) for when his friends drop by and we managed to get a little bit of art on the walls, although J will have to choose some more.

This is funny because J is quite skinny!

We had a drywaller come in and fix the holes in the plaster and then he simply drywalled over everything with 1/4 inch drywall.  Once the mudding and sanding were done it was time to paint.  J chose Para paint #P5221-24 (Snappy Dresser) for the walls and Para paint #P5221-41 (Film Festival) for the ceiling (light grey and medium grey - it doesn't always show well in the photos).  I chose to do the entertainment centre the same colour as the walls because the room is so small.  I wanted it to blend in more than stand out.

We also opted to not do a headboard for J.  The last one had an extra ledge at the top that dug a hole into the plaster.  We thought about doing a cushioned headboard along the length of the bed (the side that faces the TV) but changed our minds when it would mean putting more holes in the new drywall.  We decided that a bunch of pillows would do the job just as well.

Check back on Wednesday and I will show you the before and after for the entertainment centre and what J had before.  On Friday I will show you the various organizing systems that I put in place to help J with his ADD and help keep his room more organized.  I'll also show you the before and after for his closet.

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