Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Cheap and Easy Entertainment Centre

Last blog post I showed you the before and after of my youngest son's bedroom makeover.  J is really enjoying his new room but I think the thing he likes the most is the entertainment centre.

This is what J had before the renovation.

The cords and wires were a nightmare!  I tried so many things to try and corral them but nothing seemed to work.  I tried tie-strapping them together.  The problem with that was that sometimes J likes to have a few buddies over and if there are more than 3 of them he likes to move things to the family room where they have more room to spread out.  This means taking his video game system with him and that wasn't easy when it was strapped to other cords.  I also tried feeding the cords through a decorative box.  It didn't work either because the cords were still visible entering and exiting the box.  It just hid the middle of them.

I chose the wire rack because I figured that it would cut down on the surface area that would need to be dusted.  J does not dust.  However, it just meant that all his cords were now entangled with giant dust bunnies.  Think Medusa dust bunnies!  I'm surprised J didn't have nightmares!

When we re-did his room we knew that he could not keep the system that he had.  Mr. P and I ended up going to an auction sale where we bought this beauty for $30.  We may have over paid.

Boy, you have to have vision to think that this will turn into something wonderful!  However, I thought it was perfect!  It has a large cupboard on one side and an awesome pull-down drawer on the other.

It even came with those little wooden shelves and all the mouse droppings anyone could ever want!  A great deal for only $30!

I quickly set to work sanding the dresser and cleaning up all the mouse droppings before it ever set foot in my house.  I also took off those lovely handles and filled the holes with plastic wood.  These were not regulation sized handles!  I picked up some basic black handles to replace them with.

And this is what it looked like after only 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.

It was hard to get a good shot because his room is so small.  I took out the top drawer and there was just enough room in there for his satellite receiver and surround sound system.

The drop-down drawer was perfect for his video game systems.  I labeled the other 3 drawers for his games and accessories.

Because the dresser was only $30 (did I mention that before?) we had no problem drilling holes in it to run all the wires.

The side cupboard now holds all the cords and power bar.  And all the holes are big enough that if J wants to move any of his equipment he has easy access.

One thing that I had wanted to put in J's room was one of those chalkboard menus like you would see in a restaurant.  With J's ADD I thought that it would be a perfect way to give him reminders on a regular basis.  But the room is so small that it really wasn't feasible to add anything else.  Then I noticed that the side of the dresser was about the exact size that I needed.  So I painted it with chalkboard paint.

I think that the whole thing turned out rather well.  And I can now only see one cord!

The chalkboard is just one feature of this room that is designed to help J with his ADD.  On Friday I will show you some of the other organizing systems that have been put in place that work with his organizing style (or lack thereof) rather than against it.

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