Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November Is Eat From the Pantry and Freezer Month

Have you ever dreamed of having a pantry that looks like this? (You can only buy food in royal blue packaging.)

Or a well organized freezer?

One way to keep your freezer and pantry organized is by using up all the little bits and partial packages on a regular basis.  In my household each November is "Eat From The Freezer And Pantry Month".  There are 3 reasons why I do this.

1. It clears up some space for all the Christmas baking and dinners that I do.
2. I save tons of money at the grocery store that I can then use for Christmas gifts.
3. I don't waste money by throwing out food that has gone bad.

When I do up my menu plan and grocery list I go through the pantry and the freezer to see what needs to be used up.  I can tell you right now that I have 10 cans of peaches in the pantry and about 6 cans of salmon.  I need to come up with a menu that will include both of these (probably not together).  Although, sometimes meals can become a little odd around here during the month.  Like finding a way to use up a partial package of perogies along with that partial package of chicken nuggets.  For lunch I will fix myself some of the partial packages of hors d'oeuvres leftover from a recent party.  And if all else fails there is always some way to make soup out of a lot of it.

I impose rules on myself to keep my grocery list in line.  Only fresh fruits and vegetables and things like bread and milk.  The rest has to come from the freezer or the pantry.

Cleaning out the pantry and freezer a couple of times a year (I do this again in March) is a good way to keep it organized.

Will you join me in Eat From the Pantry and Freezer Month? 

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