Friday, October 26, 2012

20 New Uses For Binder Clips

Did you know that the binder clip is quickly becoming almost as popular as Mason jars on Pinterest?  I always keep my eye out for incredibly simple organizing ideas and lately I have been inundated with binder clip posts.  Since I like to share with my readers here are 20 new ways to use binder clips that some fabulously, brilliant people have come up with.

1. To route cables along shelving.

2. Scarf organizer - Clip scarves onto binder clips and hang on S hooks.

3. Book mark.

4. To hold your to-do list or reminders on top of your monitor.

5. Food thermometer holder.

6. Changeable pictures.

7. Holding small objects or projects together.

8. Money clip.

9.  Bib holder.

10. Decorate a table.

11. Cell phone holder (ingenious!).

12. Cord holder.

13. Picture holder.

14.  Razor cover (great for when travelling).

15. Keep bottles stacked in the refrigerator.

16. Labels that hold papers on the shelf.

17. Labelling papers.

18. Cute teacher gift idea (cheap too!).

19. Display children's artwork inside a frame.

20. Hang boots on the wall freeing up floor space.

So there you have it, 20 new ways to use a binder clip!  And if that wasn't awesome enough, here is a link that will show you how to decorate your binder clips too!

Can you think of any other uses for binder clips?

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