Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Closet Reveal Number 2

This is the cedar lined closet in my home.  When the house was built 110 years ago, this closet would have been used to store fur coats.  Since I don't wear fur it is now being used to store our fancy-shmancy clothes.  It was also being used as a linen closet.

As you can see, it wasn't working.  With all the long clothes hanging down we didn't have any room to add any shelving so all the comforters and blankets ended up in boxes on the floor.  If anyone wanted anything in the box, the stuff on top would end up on the floor.  Also, it was very difficult to see what was in the bottom of those boxes.

I ended up moving the linen closet elsewhere.  I then sorted, purged and put what was left over back.  This is the after.

I used the old metal shelving that was once my youngest son's entertainment centre.  It fit in the closet now because I hung all the long clothes at one end.  The shelving holds some crafting material and my knitting bag that holds all my needles and patterns.  The box at the bottom holds some baby blankets from when my boys were little.  Things look much better in there now!

The white box at the top is my wedding dress.  Mr. P and I got married almost 23 years ago.

This wedding dress has never left the box since it was cleaned and packaged after the wedding.  I had heard of a fabulous charity that uses donated wedding dresses to make burial gowns for babies and I thought that, if I were to give away my dress, that would be the place I would send it.  Unfortunately, they do not have enough seamstresses to make gowns out of all the dresses that they have received so they are not accepting donations at this time.  The organization is The Mary Madeline Project and if you or someone you know can sew, perhaps they could use some more volunteers.

What did you do with your wedding dress?

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