Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Local Holiday Home Tour

Last weekend Mr. P and I had to opportunity to go on our local Holiday Home Tour.  We enjoy going every year and our own home has been featured on the tour a couple of times.  This year I decided to bring my camera to give you some ideas for decorating your own homes this holiday season.  Enjoy!

House #1 - This was actually a "Covered Wagon Bed and Breakfast" at a local ranch.  This is the dining hall.

House #2

House #3 - Season's - A local assisted living facility.

House #4

House #5

House #6 - I saved the best for last!  Don't get me wrong, the others were beautiful but House #6 is actually a log cabin built in the 1850's and restored.  With my passion for historical homes, I absolutely loved it!

The owners of the cabin had it moved to their backyard.  They restored it and have furnished it as closely as possible to what it would have looked like during the 1800's.  One thing that they added was this wood stove from the turn of the century.  Ladies in costume were cooking a wonderful smelling soup on it while we were there.  They explained that the owners held Christmas out in the cabin last year and the lady of the house even cooked her Christmas turkey in the wood oven.

The cabin is a single room with a sleeping loft above.

After leaving the cabin we went to another building on the property that housed a War of 1812 display. It was also decorated for Christmas.

And last, but certainly not least, is one of the most unique trees I've seen in a long time.  It is decorated with antique, local post cards and long ago discarded objects that had been unearthed in the area.

And this concludes our tour.

Did you find any inspiration in these photos?

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