Monday, July 16, 2012

Bedroom Closet After!


On Friday I showed you this picture of my horrible bedroom closet.  It was a disaster!  Mr. P. and I spent an entire weekend re-designing it and now it looks amazing!

Mr. P. and I completely emptied the closet.  I could not believe how much junk we got out of there!  This is how I left off on Friday.

And now for the BIG reveal!

I didn't take enough pictures during the process because I was so busy I forgot!  As you can see Mr.P. removed all the shelves on the left hand side of the closet and he also removed the bar.  Once he finished that I got in there and painted the walls with some leftover paint from the bedroom.  The funny thing was that the new paint almost matched the old paint perfectly!  The new was just slightly more grey.  The old paint was original to the house (110 years).

I also add some wallpaper on each side of the closet.

Mr. P. then installed three sets of wooden shelves stacked one on top of the other, 2 bars to hang clothes and a shelf on top.

I put extra sheets, blankets and pillowcases on the top shelf.  Mr. P. got the top bar to hang his clothes.  It's quite a bit higher than I would ordinarily put it but Mr. P. is 6'4" and can easily reach it.

Mr. P. installed a lower bar for my clothes.  We have essentially doubled our hanging space!  I found the trunk on the floor at Walmart and this serves double duty.  Not only does it hold all my sweaters, keeping them neatly folded inside and eliminating any hanger marks, but it is also great to stand on to reach the top shelf.

I added some baskets onto the shelves to hold things like socks and underwear.  I also added some to sort some of my jewellery.

I got these at the dollar store and sorted all of my bracelets into them to keep them from getting tangled.

To keep my necklaces from getting tangled I added some hooks to a piece of trim and hung them all up.  It makes it much easier to find the one I want in a hurry.

I added some hooks to the side of the shelves to hold Mr. P's ties (his suits and my dresses are kept in a cedar-lined closet in the hallway).

I also added some hooks on the right hand side of the closet to hold belts and anything else that needs to hang up.

I am absolutely thrilled with how it all turned out!  Mr. P. is thrilled because he now has 2/3 more space to hang his clothes!

We did a major purge of items out of that closet.  My ironing board went into another room and  a lot of the extra sheets went elsewhere simply because they no longer went with the new decorated room.  I donated throw pillows and plenty of clothes.  One of the things that I am most proud of is letting go of this.

When I was 18 I lost a dear friend to Cystic Fibrosis.  Shortly after that loss I had to paint a still-life in art class and the items I chose were things that meant something between my friend and I.  I gave her the teddy bear while in the hospital, she bought me the necklace, our favourite cassette tape and a picture of her and I together.  I've held on to it all these years but I didn't really honour it because it was always stuck in a closet somewhere.  I decided it was time to let it go.  I took a picture of it so that I could remember it.

Over the years I have cleaned that closet over and over again only to have it get messed up again within a couple of weeks.  By completely re-designing it I have been able to keep it looking exactly the same for almost two months now.  Everything has a spot and everything is easy to find.


  1. It looks like we are bonded by our passion for organization and random tips! I even made it onto Rachel Ray with my tip for storing those plastic shopping bags. I know, you want to know! An empty square tissue box keeps them tidy and in a much smaller space than just another empty plastic bag. And cheaper than buying those contraptions that hang on the wall.

    1. I love Rachel Ray! How cool that you made it onto her show! I don't keep plastic bags but, if I come across a client that does, I will certainly try your idea. I love it!