Friday, July 13, 2012

Bedroom Closet Before

I can't believe I'm doing this!  Ok, deep breath!  This is a picture of my bedroom closet before I totally re-designed it.

It was horrible and it was even worse than usual because I knew that I was going to be gutting it and so I had basically stopped cleaning it altogether.  And while I am making confessions I should also admit that 3/4 of that rod are my clothes.  Poor Mr. P., like most men, only got a small portion of the actual hanging space.

I had several sweater hanging on the back of the door and that wasn't good for either the door or my sweaters.

The top shelf was up so high I could barely reach anything up there.

The next shelf held even more stuff including things that I used for ironing.

This shelf held jewelery and other junk.

There is an extra pillow and some books and I can see a throw pillow on this shelf.

I'm actually surprised that I can see some floor in there!  The crates held extra sheet sets and the bottom shelf held more sweaters and sweatshirts.

I even kept my ironing board in this closet.

After taking all the clothes off of the rod we could see just how much more junk we had on the shelves!

There were even hooks on the wall behind the clothes that had belts and ties hanging on them.

As you can see, the closet was very poorly designed.  The rod went right through the middle of the shelves making it difficult to see anything on the back half of them.  I'm also pretty sure that the green is the original paint colour.

I cannot believe that this much stuff came out of that little bedroom closet!  Let's just say that Mr. P. and I did a major purge before we started putting things back in!

Come back on Monday and I will show you how I re-designed the closet so that it not only looks amazing but also functions much better.

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