Monday, July 9, 2012

My Bedroom

Today I thought that I would give you a tour of our master bedroom.  Actually this isn't the official master bedroom in the house.  We converted that into a media room.  It's even larger than this room.  In fact, the older P's room is larger than this one too. But this room is plenty big enough for Mr. P. and I.

Last November we had someone come in and put 1/4 inch drywall on all of the walls in this room.  Because the baseboards and trim were so thick, there is still a small ledge on them even with the extra 1/4 inch.  Best of all I did not have to strip 110 years worth of wallpaper!  I did that in the kitchen and it took me 6 months!

This dresser and....

this one are both original to the house.  The daughter of the original owner left us the bedroom suite in her will because she wanted it to end up back in her old room.  There is also a bed and a dressing table.

The bed will become a guest bed someday (it's only a double) and the dressing table sits in the hallway.

This dresser comes from a house across the street.  My neighbor was 101 years old when she passed away and we bought her dresser from the estate sale.  I love that much of my furniture has a story!

I know the room looks a little sparse in these pictures but I wasn't able to decide on what type of artwork I wanted.

UPDATE:  Since I first wrote this blog post I have come across a picture that I love for above the bed.

This is what it looks like now.

I LOVE it!  Now I just have to find more pictures that will complement this one and the rest of the room.

I've tried very hard to keep the decorations in the house faithful to the Victorian era while still maintaining modern amenities.  It isn't always easy because the Victorians loved a cluttered look whereas I don't want to spend my days dusting!

I've used both antiques and reproductions to give my room a Victorian look.  The bed is a reproduction.  It was made in California by Wesley Allen in their "Hamilton" design.  In a sense it was custom-made because we chose the design, the colour and the finish.  I highly recommend their beds.  Once ours was delivered our old mattress and box spring felt like new because there was so much support underneath.

The rest of this week and into the next I will be showing other areas of my bedroom.  I can't wait for my big closet reveal!  Stay tuned!


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    1. It is a print of a Jozef Israels painting done in 1872.