Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bedroom Finishing Touches

I'm staying with the bedroom theme for the rest of the week.  I will eventually show you my dresser drawers but I'm waiting on Mr. P. to find the time to make me some drawer dividers.  I priced out some pre-made ones and it was going to cost over $200 for drawer dividers for all three dressers.  Mr. P. is convinced that he can make some much cheaper than that!  I bow to his good judgement!

The first thing I wanted to show you that I did in the bedroom was an idea that I got from Pinterest.  If you haven't joined Pinterest just have a look at it.  I have gotten some fabulous ideas for decorating and organizing and I have found some wonderful recipes there too.

Last fall when I was opening my bedroom window to let a breeze in, I heard a loud clunk inside the wall.  It turns out that all of our windows in this old house have counter-weights in the walls that allow the windows to stay up without any support.  The cord had eventually given away after 110 years and the window was no longer attached to the counter-weight.  I'm sure that there is some way of taking off the trim and re-attaching the counter-weight but that was too much work for me.  Instead I went to a home building store and picked up one of these.

This is a bracket that could be used to hold up a shelf or used as decorative trim.  I looks so nice in the window and even looks nice from the outside.

Another thing that I did was to get rid of the antacid containers from the night stands.  Mr. P. and I both seem to need them in the middle of the night (I'm sure it has nothing to do with my wonderful cooking!).

This one is my night stand.

And this is Mr. P's.  It was difficult getting the tablets out in the middle of the night and shaking the container always woke up the other person.  The fix was so simple!

I picked up this little sugar bowl at Home Sense for $2.99 for my night stand.

Mr. P's came from the same place but it's a little bigger and a little more masculine (not much, but a little).

It's nice getting those unsightly antacid bottles off of the night stands.

I think that I have shown you just about every inch of my bedroom so far, except for the dresser drawers, which is coming!  I have one more bedroom tip for you on Friday.  Stay tuned!

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