Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 20 - Spring 30 Day Clutter Buster Challenge

For some reason I had a really hard time today trying to figure out what to declutter.  There are still plenty of areas in my home that need to be decluttered but I just couldn't figure out where to start looking.  After a few minutes of procrastinating I figured I would just go to the worst room in the house and pick from there.

My worst room in the house is definitely the storage room in the basement.  It is long past due for a complete overhaul.  When I went in I could see immediately what needed to go.  A few years ago Mr. P. installed a closet bar in there to hold all the off-season coats.  Many were hung there and were never used again.  I took 2 minutes to grab any coats that I knew hadn't been off that rack in at least two years.

This is what I got.

There are five big, heavy winter jackets in there and three spring jackets.  They are now in the donation box by the front door and will be picked up on Tuesday morning.  Not bad for someone who couldn't think of anything this morning!

Have you switched your closets over from your winter coats to your spring and summer coats?  Are there any winter coats that you own that you didn't wear this year?  Maybe they could bless someone else who may not be able to afford a good winter coat to stay warm.

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