Thursday, April 5, 2012

Days Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine!

First of all I would like to say how proud I am of all of you participating in the challenge!  I received a wonderful email yesterday from Linda.  Linda was showcasing her Tupperware drawer.

This is a very deep drawer designed for pots and pans. I don't have many pots but I did have a LOT of Tupperware at one time. Pared it down to just what I use, rather than "what I think I might need once in the coming decade" - Linda

What I like about it is that she has used a container to keep together certain Tupperware items and their matching lids.  She also has all the smaller lids stacked neatly in the centre of the drawer where they are easy to get at.  It looks awesome Linda!

With Easter fast approaching I am going to give you a tip that even the Easter Bunny would love.  Keep a distribution basket - or bag or box - in your home.  There are always things out of place.  As you wander through your home let's say you come across your child's toy that needs to be returned to their room.  You walk up the stairs to your child's room and put away the toy and walk back down the stairs.  Later you find that bracelet you took off the other night.  Again you walk back up the stairs to return the bracelet to your jewelery box and then down again.  This can happen several times during the day.  You are wasting time and energy!

By having a distribution basket you would simply place those items in the basket.  Later in the day when you are heading upstairs - or anywhere else in the house where there are homes for the items in your basket - you take your distribution basket and hop (sorry) around putting everything away at once.  Once your basket is empty you reverse the process.  Anything that needs to go back downstairs is now placed in the basket to be taken down with you when you are ready.  Try this with a canvas shopping bag hooked over the railing.  It will save you so much time and more importantly energy during the day!

Now you may be wondering why the title of this post is Days Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine.  Mr. P. and I have a very busy weekend planned for this Easter weekend and I will not be near a computer again until next Tuesday.  Therefore, I decided to get a little ahead of myself and post my items for each of these days in advance.  Please feel free to continue decluttering one item a day from your home and posting it here or wherever I posted the link to this blog.

Here we go with my stuff.

DAY FIVE - Pretty little serving dishes that I never use

DAY SIX - My VCR broke last fall and I don't have a machine to play all these VHS tapes on

DAY SEVEN -  Three speakers that have been sitting in the entertainment centre for 10 years and have never been hooked up!

DAY EIGHT - My toaster oven that has not been used in over 3 years.

DAY NINE -  In honor of Easter a Dumb Bunnies book.  My boys are 20 and 17 so this has been sitting around a long time!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter, Passover or just a wonderful weekend!  Thanks so much for dropping by and keep decluttering!


  1. Let's far this week I have gotten rid of a broken toaster oven, a broken microwave, a stereo speaker that my husband was going to stain (45 years ago!), a bag of clothing for Bibles for Mission and huge box of paper for recycling. I think I am set for the weekend now!

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Sherry. You're doing a fine job here.
    I like the idea of the distribution box.

    The china brings back memories of when I had to declutter my china cabinet. I LOVE china but we just don't use it any more. I had pieces from several relatives plus what I picked up a thrift stores. At least I can say that what I kept, I really, really love.

  3. Want a VCR? i have two extras, i think.

    And speaking of Bibles: i really have too many. i'm keeping my favourite versions but some of the extra, paperback copies i have and versions i'm not keen on need to shuffle off to Buffalo -- or at least the Goodwill Bookstore.

    i housesat for a man who had a "two step" box: It sat on the bottom two steps of his Victorian house and collected items which needed to be on the next floor.

    Mom used to put our clean laundry in coloured dish tubs: One colour for each of us. Saved a lot of steps in Windsor when our laundry was in the basement and bedrooms were on the 2nd storey.


    1. Thanks for the offer of a VCR Laura but I no longer have any VHS tapes!

      I have a friend that has one of those "two step" boxes. It sits on the bottom two steps of her beautiful farmhouse. I love it but I haven't seen any like it.

      Thanks for the tip on the coloured laundry baskets too! I wrote everyone's name in permanent marker on each basket.

  4. Does your toaster oven still work? Have you got rid of it yet? If it works and you have not physically got rid of it, I wouldn't mind taking it off your hands. Mine broke years ago and I have not replaced it. I used to cook with it quite a bit (instead of firing up the stove's oven). If it is gone, that is fine.

    I have finally got rid of all the non-working pens in front of the computer (on the desk). I started this a week or so ago and got sidetracked. Hmmmm wonder how that happens?



    1. Hi Ana, I gave my toaster oven to my mother-in-law. She is on her own and it is much easier to cook in that than to heat up a whole oven.

      Awesome job on the pens! Last night I took a pad of paper and a pen upstairs to write a grocery list. I decided to do it this morning only to discover that the pen didn't work. I had to come all the way downstairs just for a pen. I think that sorting through the non-working pens is going to be my next declutter!