Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 25 - Spring 30 Day Clutter Buster Challenge

Welcome to day 25 of the Clutter Buster Challenge!  We are so close in reaching our goal of one item a day for 30 days!

This is what I decluttered today.


This is our old camera and an attachment that will keep this camera afloat should it fall into the water.  I'm not sure why there is this kind of attachment to this particular camera since it isn't waterproof.  If it falls in the water it's pretty much done for anyway.

We have actually gotten 2 cameras since using this one.  Mr. P. recently bought me a new camera and kept the one I was using for himself.  This one has been sitting around for a couple of years and now it's time to get rid of it.  It was taking up much needed space in my office.

Do you have any old cameras that could be donated?  Or better still, do you still have any old film laying around waiting to be developed?!   I can remember finding mystery film laying around and had no idea what kind of pictures we would get when we took it in to be developed.  More often than not it was about six months worth of pictures starting with Christmas and moving on to Easter and maybe some summer vacation  shots all rolled into one.  Sometimes from two or more years earlier!

I have to admit that, while I love digital cameras, I kind of miss the old canisters that the film rolls came in.  They were great for a lot of things like sending lunch money for the kids, packing pills for travelling or saving little screws in the junk drawer.  However, the convenience of digital more than makes up for missing film canisters!

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