Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 26 - Spring 20 Day Clutter Buster Challenge

We are so close to our goal!  Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

This is what I decluttered today.

I decided to clean out a cupboard in my office.  This is where I usually store all my candles but you would not believe how much stuff I got off of three little shelves!

Here are the empty shelves.  I forgot to take a before photo.

Not everything in the pile left the house.  I moved the votive candles near the front door because we only use them when we sit out at night on our front porch.  A few emergency candles went downstairs to be stored with our oil lamps that will also be used in an emergency.  I moved the Christmas CD's to another area and I still have to go through the magazines.  I plan on using these shelves for a charging station and some of my professional organizing materials.  I hope to show you the finished product tomorrow.

I actually had a lot of tea lights and votive lights and instead of getting rid of them, I am going to make a commitment to actually use and enjoy them.  I love sitting out on our front porch in the evening, wrapped in a blanket if need be, with the candles burning all around.  It's nice sitting up there and quite often one of the neighbors will drop by for a visit.  It's too bad that front porches have gone out of fashion.

Do you have any extra candles around?  Why not light a couple tonight at dinner?  Even if you're only having  grilled cheese or hot dogs, why not let you and your family enjoy a little ambience at dinner.  Just don't forget  to blow them out when your done!

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