Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day Eleven - Spring 30 Day Clutter Buster Challenge

Did you put out any Easter decorations this year?  Or maybe Passover decorations?  I don't really have any Easter decorations.  I found that it was more than enough work trying to dye Easter eggs with the kiddos, stay up late to hide them and put on a wonderful Easter dinner.  I did not need more stress by trying to decorate the house too!  And as my boys got older the thrill of finding hard boiled eggs wore off and Mr. P. and I were forced to hide little chocolate eggs instead.  One hundred or more little chocolate eggs!  That all had to be counted to ensure that each and every little egg was found!  I have to admit to finding eggs in July and August, partially melted on the windowsill.

Do you have too many Easter decorations?  Could you get by next year with just a lovely spring bouquet of flowers on your table?

Since I don't have any Easter decorations to declutter, this is what I decluttered today.

This is my humidifier.  The one that leaked twice all over my bedroom floor warping the hardwood.  It took days for the wood to dry out.  The humidifier is going in the garbage!

What did you declutter today?

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